Ukulele Clubs

Ukulele Clubs are great. Any playing club is great. When you play with others, you not only have fun, but you get better.

I joined a Ukulele Meetup group, the Buckeye Ukulele Society. The first meeting was today and 9 people showed up . For a first meeting that was a lot folks, in my opinion.  The founder was a new player and all came to learn and have fun.  The weather was great and we met on the sunny patio of a coffee shop.

We played from a book by Liz and Jim Beloff, The Daily Ukulele. It’s a nice book, 365 songs long and it uses chords that really make the songs sound interesting.  It’s available in paper or Kindle.

The Meetup had nice variety of players from younger to older, all young in heart.  A variety of ukes  were there, and oddly, three players had Mainland Ukuleles. I’d seen them online but never in a store or in person.  I brought my Luna Ukulele Suitcase Amp and my Luna Concert Cutaway.  More on those in a  later post.

The Ukulele is a social instrument and socializing with is they was it ought to be.  Join your local Ukulele Club. If there is none, start one.

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  1. It was great meeting you at the Buckeye Ukulele Society meetup! I finally ordered The Daily Ukulele… hope it comes by next Sunday. :) Your blog looks FANTASTIC! See uke soon.

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